Warner Roberts family

"My family is my heart and soul"

Warner's  marriage to Bob W. Roberts produced the loves of her life, sons Bob, Jr. and Cliff Lee Roberts, who she credits with “teaching me everything I know about  love.”  Her favorite sayings to them throughout their lives: 

 “God sits on your head and protects you in a White Light;

Careful is your middle name; 

Teach those people how to live

 Shine your light; Set an example!

Do something good for somebody every day. 

Life is an adventure!” 

Warner credits her determination, courage, strength and pure grit to her beloved Mom, Ophelia Warner who she nicknamed "SUPERMOM". Together  they created the first heart shaped cookbook in the world which was full of wonderful recipes and love.


Warner currently lives in Houston with her husband, Bob W. Roberts, son Cliff Lee and his wife, Angie and twin sons Lee and Cliff; son Bob Jr. and his wife Kristin and sons Bob III, Ryan and John Luke live in Austin.