Warner Roberts Life is an adventure

Eight Step Program

  In her new book

 Life is an Adventure – Eight Steps to a Happy Life  

what I learned walking (modeling) talking (talk show host) and managing (marriage, motherhood and miracles) 

Warner outlines what she has learned from her life’s journey which started with a “Miracle Adventure” when she was 12 years old.  These steps have led her to a successful life; and she defines “successful” as how happy you are every day.


Joanne King Herring


“Warner’s symbol is the heart. No one's heart is bigger. She is universally loved, but there's a reason when she gives her word she gives her heart, and she's been creating miracles ever since.  

Warner's life is a lesson for every working woman, every woman who has struggled to succeed. She has raised an extraordinary family, sustained a great marriage while becoming a public figure. Houston celebrities have come and gone, but Warner will never be forgotten. Everyone that meets her remembers her, admires her and wants to be like her. Including me.”  

Margaret Alkek Williams


"Warner Roberts is a tireless fundraiser, accomplished writer and speaker.  Her decades of support and dedication to The Mission of Yahweh homeless shelter has helped countless women and children to rebuild their lives.  She created The Social Book’s Houston Treasures award to recognize the extraordinary Houstonians who make our city great.  With a heart as big as Texas, Warner is our Houston treasure!  For any aspiring young person, this book is a must read.”


President George H. W Bush


Barbara and I have long admired your generosity and compassion, as well as your tremendous success as a fundraiser.